Saturday, December 31, 2011



I was singing in the shower just a moment ago and I thought, hey why not share my favorite music with my followers! I'd like to know about your favorite music too because I'm always open to new styles and different sounds. I really like guitar and violin, and the mix of the two in a good rock song is always awesome. Here are some of songs I like best. Now bear with me, I like a lot of very different styles of music, some of it might seem cheesy but I don't care. I will try to follow each video with a comment.

From Breaking Benjamin: I Will Not Bow

Now this is the band I like the most. They have one of the best drummers ever, who has a jazz background and is not at all limited in his approach, and is not afraid to add subtleties to his drumming. They haven't disappointed me whatsoever so far.

From 30 Seconds to Mars: This is War

Now this is one of the bands I started following long before they got very popular, in the times of Capricorn and Fallen. If you like this band check out their older stuff, it's a bit different and less mainstream, but I think you'll like it.

From Chevelle: The Clincher

I like this band's approach to music. The singer/songwriter makes a point of not deliberately making rhymes in his lyrics, avoiding the simple path and doing something different and it works! Their music is awesome, if somewhat misunderstood by some.

From Three Days Grace: Just Like You

This is one of the bands I started following very early as well, and I must admit their last album disappointed me so I posted here one of their older, less mainstream songs, before they got corrupt by the devil in the guise of big paychecks.

From Fuel: Hemorrhage

I could listen to this song on repeat all day long. The singer's voice is very unique.

From Flyleaf: Again

I discovered this band not so long ago through the soundtrack of one of the Resident Evil movies on which they had their song "I'm So Sick" remixed. Self-proclaimed Christian band, which I don't mind because they're not using their music as a funnel for Christian bullshit, so it's all right with me.

From Skillet: Awake and Alive

Another self-proclaimed Christian band that does a very good job of making music without being annoying about their beliefs.

From A Perfect Circle: The Outsider

A classic for me, very strong song. I chose a live version for this one because I hate the offical video, and the live version is just as good if not better.

From Crossfade: So Cold

Now this band is one of the few that I like because of their sound and not so much because of the lyrics. I'm a guitar player and this is the kind of stuff I like to play when I just want to make noise and have fun. Also note, the girl in this video is FUCKING hot.

From Alexisonfire: This Could Be Anywhere In The World

This is one of the very few "screamo" bands that I like, mainly because they are actually doing real music, not some badly slapped together emo stuff that sounds like a rat caught in heavy machinery.

From Bush: Machinehead

One of the old goodies that remind me of my younger times. This and Glycerine are classics for me.

From Foo Fighters: My Hero

Who doesn't love them? For those of you who didn't know, they got their name from the lights in the sky that the American pilots were seeing beside their planes on missions sometimes in WWII, which they thought were prototype German airplanes. The word "foo" actually comes from the French word "feu" which means fire, so they essentially called those lights Fire Fighters.

From Rise Against: Prayer of the Refugee

One of the most "punkish" band that I listen to, they kinda have this rock sound that reminds me a bit of older punk music like Bad Religion and Pennywise.

From Tool: Schism

Another classic that I could listen to all day long. The uniqueness of their sound is what does it for me.

Long list I know, but hey I like a lot of different styles, I actually had to settle for one song per band but some of those bands like Breaking Benjamin for instance, I love almost all of their songs except maybe their few softer songs like Rain. So there it is, fell free to comment on my choices, submit your own choices and I hope you all appreciate!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm back!

First off I want to apologize to my few but precious followers for being out of the picture in the last days. Sometimes real life stuff happens and you can't do the thing you want to even if means a lot to you.

Now that that's said, I want to talk about stuff that's been going through my mind in the last days. Let's talk about being smart. Now I want to say that a lot of people misjudge "knowledge" for "smarts" and the other way around. There's a huge difference between knowing a lot and knowing what to do with what you do know. I know many "knowledgeable" people who are dumb as shit, and many people who know less but are really smart. I'm not one for bragging but I know I'm in the latter category. Funny thing is I know a LOT of stuff to a certain degree of competence, being self-taught and all, but what makes me good at what I do is HOW I use that knowledge and apply it to different parts of my life. I don't have a degree in this and that, but my friends that work in certain fields of competence still ask me questions about stuff they have an education in. Being smart means knowing that you know little, and the more you know, the more you realize how much you actually don't. Which leads me to something else I want to talk about.

Having a degree in a specific area of knowledge does not make you better than someone who has the ability to research, read and learn on its own from sources outside common teaching areas. I wish there was some profound changes made to the education system where one could take tests in areas of knowledge to see if they have the qualifications and or abilities required by such area, and as such get the according degree plain and simple. Alas, it does not work that way and never will, because it would break too many rules and probably put the education system in a bad economical situation.

There, I said it. You're not smart because you know about a lot of stuff, and not knowing certain thing does not make you stupid either. If you want to learn, if you're curious and ask questions, if you research and try to overcome your limits by learning more every day, that's what being smart is all about. If you don't try, you'll never know!

Now for some random things that I like, enjoy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

5:00 am here, can't sleep as usual...

Wondering if anyone has a trick to get to sleep easily, I'm having such hard times sleeping at regular hours it's not even fun anymore, feels like a disease...

First blog ever!

Hello and welcome to the awesomest blog you can ever come across in the webiverse! This is my first blog so I'm just going to say thank you to everyone who's going to follow me in the future and I hope we all have a lot of fun together! Merry Christmas!