Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some more music, very different...

Hello everyone!

Real life really has a way of keeping me away from a computer, I've been pretty busy lately but I've come across this jewel of a song. I can't even begin to describe what genre it fits into so I'll just let you guys be the judges. The first video is a cover by a very promising band, Walk Off the Earth. Their version is amazing AND funny, considering there's only one guitar for all of the people involved in the song. The second video is the original by Gotye which is very good, although the video gives me a weird vibe, I still like the original better, mainly because of the singer's voice, which reminds me a lot of Sting/Peter Gabriel. Hope you enjoy and will likely return for more sooner than last time, have fun!

Cover by Walk Off the Earth

Original by Gotye